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I am a SNU- PAS Accredited demonstrator and speaker.  I have attended courses with many distinguished tutors both here in UK and in Spain as well as at The Arthur Findlay College, near Stansted in Essex.

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Some of the people I have worked with and learned from include Ron and Angela Jordan, Marilyn Smith, Melanie Western, Tim Abbots, Eamonn Downey,  Esteve Newton, and many others.

Honesty and integrity must be a mediums primary motto and after years of deliberation I have come to accept that my life’s purpose is to unfold my spiritual path and reach out to those who need guidance.

My work as a medium is based upon providing evidence of the continuation of life and I trust the guidance that I have received.  It gives me the confidence to offer you my services.


I have experienced some wonderful and unique events during the last 6 years while working as a medium in a wide variety of churches and giving public demonstrations.  The time is right for me to expand my work to other areas and I now give private readings and offer my services to private gatherings.


While working in Spain I have appeared on several TV programs and run workshops on my own and also with some very well known British mediums such as Marie Hayes.  My work has always been well received and I now work regularly in a large number of venues.

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